Instant Bread Rasmalai: A quick and easy version of traditional Bengali Rasmalai

Rasmalai is one of my favourite dessert so far. It is a traditional Bengali (Indian) sweet dish which comprises of cottage cheese balls soaked in heavily creamy milk syrup. The syrup can be of various types of flavours like saffron, rose water, keora water etc. However some people doesn’t like any added flavour since the traditional Bengali Rasmalai doesn’t have any these kind of flavour.Now the traditional way of making Rasmalai is pretty hectic and time taking. So here I’m sharing a easier alternative version of making Rasmalai using breads.Polish_20200708_165402406__01

You know some times bread can be a savior. For many of us it is a staple food for breakfast. But do you know you can make delicious Rasmalai using breads.Especially when guests are coming over and you don’t have enough time to cook but you have to serve something decent enough.Polish_20200708_165326702__01

So let’s start.

Preparation time: 5minutes

Cooking time: 40minutes

Yields: For 2


•White bread slices (6-8) you can also use brown bread if you want. But taste will differ significantly.

•Milk 500ml

•Sugar (according your taste)

•Saffron 6-8 strands

•Cardamom 5-6

•Rose water or keora water 4-5drops (optional)

•Chopped cashews or pistachios for garnishingPolish_20200708_165136973__01



•Start by heating milk in a heavy bottomed pan. Bring it to boil and then simmer the flame.

•Add saffron strands and stir the milk. Boil for 5minutes. Saffron will add a nice yellow colour to the milk.

•Boil the milk till the volume is reduced to half. Stir occasionally.

•Add ground cardamom and sugar and stir again. Adjust the amount of sugar as per your taste. I’ve added 3Tbspn sugar to it.

•Turn off the flame. At this point you can add a few drops of rose water or keora water. But that is completely optional. You can skip if you want.

•Let the milk cool. Refrigerate the milk syrup for some time.Polish_20200708_164901811__01

•Cut the bread pieces using any round cookie cutter. You can also use lid of any jar.Polish_20200708_164942215__01

•Take the chilled milk syrup and dip each piece of round shaped bread and place in serving bowl in a nice manner. Add more syrup from top of it.

•Garnish with chopped cashews or pistachios.Polish_20200708_165212682__01

•You can serve it at this point or you can further refrigerate it for some more time. But the only thing I want to mention here that if you keep the bread dipped in milk syrup for too long the bread pieces will soak all the syrup. So, try to refrigerate the milk syrup first and then add the bread pieces.

•Serve delicious instant Bread Rasmalai.Polish_20200708_165249105__01


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