The Ultimate Summer Delicacy: Mango Milkshake 平平

Mangoes 平平 are one of the most loved fruit of all time. Enriched with vitamin A,C and multiple nutrients this power packed fruit is extremely beneficial for skin and hair. Also this fibre rich fruit tastes great in it’s very own way.

Mangoes can be consumed in multiple ways and is a staple in Indian households during summer season. Among them the easiest way is a milkshake. I think milkshakes are one of the simplest recipes on the planet. Only few ingredients are needed to make this easy yet heavenly tasty recipe in just few minutes.IMG-20200705-WA0022

Mango milk shake:

Preparation time: 5mins

Cooking time: 3-4minutes



2 large ripe mangoes peeled and chopped

﹪ilk 1.5cup

㏎ugar 2Tbsp (or according to taste)

2-3 ice cubes (optional)

Saffron strands for garnishing (optional)IMG_20200706_075055_664


Take 2 large ripe mangoes. Wash thoroughly, peel and chop. Discard the stone.

/dd the mango pieces to blender jar and blend to a smooth paste.

/dd milk, sugar and ice cubes and blend again. However ice is completely optional you can skip that. Also you can adjust the consistency by adding milk.

£arnish with few saffron strands and voila..

Super easy and super tasty summer drink is ready to serve.IMG-20200705-WA0024



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  1. Sutapa Chatterjee says:

    Excellent. I’ll try all of this.

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  2. Meghna Sarangi says:

    Thank you keep supporting


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