5 Things for a “PROACTIVE” Lockdown

The world is fighting the most crucial health calamity ever, the COVID-19 Pandemic; and in this situation we,the common people can do our best by locking ourself into the home. Yes I’m talking about “Lockdown”. Now, we all know it’s been a long since lockdown has began and if you are wondering what’s new about this article then let me clear this to you that I know all of you are pretty full with the ideas how to spend time during this lockdown. But what if you are done enough with Netflix,Movies,Games and all these kind of entertaining things. What if you are finding your day utter boring!! You are just passing your days without any motivation and liveliness. Then you are at right place. This article will help you getting back on track making rest of the lockdown phase a PROACTIVE one.

  1. Take care of your mind and body: First thing first;for a healthy,happy and dynamic lifestyle you need to take care of your physical as well as mental health even if you are at home all the time. Since, we have ample of time to sleep now try to start your day early. Wake up early morning and meditate.this will help to calm your mental agony.

Then have a good home workout session. you don’t need to have any equipment but if you already have those then you can use them. Otherwise go easy and you can do free hand excercises, yoga, pilates, aerobics or anything according to your choice. Also you can do these things alternatively. But do something for atleast half an hour. I can gurantee you that after this workout session you will feel so much energetic and motivated for the entire day and gradually you’ll fall in love with this session. This will also help you in weight loss management.

2. Good Food: Grow the habit of consuming home made healthy foods. Completely cut down processed food items and incorporate wholesome foods, lot of green vegetables, antioxidant rich foods. If you are non-vegeterian then go for fresh eggs,chickens or fishes but do not overbuy anything because in some places supplies are limitted.

Cook for yourself and your family.There are tons of healthy and tasty recipes available on internet, you can try them also. Go for the basic ones so that you don’t need to buy anything fancy. In this way you can brush up your cooking skill.

3. Invest time in personal care: Utilize your time by pampering yourself. Apply some homemade face and hair mask, get waxing/shaving ,manicure-pedicure done at home.

Give your body a good oil massage before taking shower; it will stimulate your body and instantly lifts up mood. Take care of your personal hygeine. Transform your skin and hair to the best ever version. Give yourself a good makeover.

4. Give your home a makeover: Now let’s not forget the place where we are spending 24*7 these days. Yes I’m talking about our home sweet home. We all clean our home regularly but this time try something different. Give your home a makeover by rearranging your existing furniture and decor pieces.

Turn your creative side on and you can do DIYs utilizing those lazy afternoons when you have nothing to do. Put some scented candles or some fresh flowers from your garden. The fresh smell will istantly lift your mood up. Decorate your home the way you always wanted to but couldn’t do because of busy schedules. To me decorating home is the most therapeutic thing.

5. Practice hobby: Find yourself back by practicing hobbies you once loved to do. It may be painting, singing, dancing, gardening,cooking, sewing,reading, writing,knitting, photography or anything you can do at home. You can learn something new if you wish. There are ample of options. So, do not pass your day just like that; do something productive and who knows you may get your new very own business ideas from them.

Whatever you are doing,enjoy it from within then only you’ll be able to make your lifestyle happy and dynamic. So, those are my five easy tips for a PROACTIVE lockdown.

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