Sharing my experience with Chokhi Dhani-The 5 Star Ethnic Village Resort, Jaipur Rajastan

Hi everyone!!

Today I’ll be sharing my experience with Chokhi Dhani-The 5 Star Ethnic Village Resort which is situated in Jaipur,Rajasthan.

I was very skeptical about this resort at the time of booking. Honestly I had no idea about this place. Since it claims to be ethnic village resort, I was doubtful to have all modern amenities which are usually provided by any five star hotel or resort. But then I decided to give it a try as I was literally bored with all those conventional five star hotels.

I reached Jaipur at midnight as my flight was delayed and it took nearly about twenty minutes to get into the resort. Since it was midnight, there was not any kind of traditional Indian welcoming rituals like giving a kumkum-haldi tilak or offering any drinks, which they usually provide to their guests.

Anyway, I was greeted at the entrance and headed over to the reception for necessary check-in procedures and very quickly got the room key. One of the hotel staff, dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire, was there to direct me to my room and to describe all the facilities and amenities in brief. Meanwhile, they sent my luggages after scanning.

While coming from reception to the room. I noticed, the resort was looking like a small village which was asleep. The gloominess of dimmed lanterns throughout the pathway was creating such a great pattern of light and dark, creating a magical ambience.

I was more amazed after entering into the room. From outside each and every rooms were looking like a village hut, but from inside it was more of like a royal palace room.

I opted for a “Royal Cottage”, and it had all that modern amenities with very traditional Rajasthani royal touch. The room was very big of which the centre part was occupied by a huge king sized bed, little more heightened than usual beds. The first thing which drawn my attention was the headboard of the bed. It was so traditional yet classy piece of art. The whole thing was decorated with small pieces of glass and colourful patterns. From bedsheets to cushion covers everything was so ethnic and fully handcrafted, embracing the heritage of Rajasthan. There was many decorative patterns on the wall,celling and the furniture of the room; everything done very tastefully. There was a writing table-chair, sofa, centre table, dressing unit; all made of wood following traditional design.

The bathroom was spacious with a bathtub and a huge Wall mounted mirror. Every toiletries provided there, was organic and naturally handcrafted. The floor of the cottage was made of high quality desiner marbles.

It was very late that night so I decided to take rest and woke up early next morning. After freshen up I stepped out and got the chance to explore the resort. The resort was looking more colourful under the bright Sun and against the clear blue sky. There were numbers of cottages scattered here and there following no particular pattern. Wide pathways were spreaded over the area connecting the cottages to the restraunts, reception, swimming pool and lawns etc.

The base colour of the cottages are light yellow with various patterns and designs drawn on the exterior wall with various colours and glass pieces. Some signature village items were kept randomly to maintain the village ambience.

It was 7’o clock in the morning and the hotel staffs already started daily services like maintanence, room cleaning etc. Each and every staffs were dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire only, that brought the ture essence of Rajputana.

I was satisfied for choosing the place and it was a great decision to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city. Though the resort is situated inside the city only but one can never feel that after entering in.

The place has well manicured gardens and lawns which are like added bonus. One can easily spend quality time sitting on the marble seats by the side of the lawns. Also there was a swimming pool replicating the royal architecture pattern. Also I found a beautiful temple of Lord Ganesha at the entrance of the resort.

Talking about food, the resort has couple of restaurants. All of them offers wide variety of delicious veg and non veg dishes. Out of which I specifically liked traditional Rajasthani “Laal Maas” and “Daal- Baati- Churma” a lot. Guests can enjoy open air candlelight dinner watching cultural singing and dancing shows performed by local artists. The quality of food in room service is also good.

After a whole day of siteseeing when I entered the resort in the evening all my tiredness gone away looking at the heavenly environment. Dimmed lights of thousands of lanterns and lamps creating a semi dark environment which allowed my mind to immerse in immense peace. I was walking slowly and randomly here and there enjoying every moment of it. The experience was truly healing for mind and soul.

The village resort is divided into two parts. The resort and the cultural village. The village part is open for outsiders from evening 5’o clock. Guests of the resort get a free access to the village. This place offers various types of cultural activities like singing and dancing, live demonstration of many art and crafts etc which are exclusively unique to the Rajasthani villages. The village area is also designed as per the theme everything representing very appropriately. The replicas of small village huts with designs drawn at the outer wall of it, the hanging lanterns, the boundary walls, the jute rope cots placed as seats was just so perfect to call this place as ethnic cultural village.

After experiencing all those one can enjoy traditional Rajasthani platter in dinner. There are two types of platters available, regular and royal. I had a pre-booked coupon for the royal one and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a pure veg platter with so many items in it and the ambience was to die for. Stepping into the dinning area was like entering the era of kings. Got a few photographs wearing turban on my head and posing in front of the giant royal platter.

For me, three days just flew away exploring every single detail of the place and overall experience was very relaxing and satisfying. Totally recommending the place, specifically for those who have interest in Indian traditional culture. Hope to visit there again.

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