Brief introduction of myself

Hi everyone!!

My name is Meghna. I belong to a traditional Indian family.More precisely speaking I’m a proud Bengali. Like any other Bengali kid I also spent my childhood in a very culturally enriched environment. Beside study,I gained degrees in painting and Indian classical dance. I am a post graduate degree holder in science with some of other additional applied degrees. But being a very free spirited and creative person since childhood, my mind was never ready to accept the hustle-n-bustle of a full time job, rather I would say there was some mental barrier which always restrained me from joining any busy schedule. I’m a free-bee. I love to live on my own terms and condition.

In childhood, I used to read story books a lot. I spent my childhood reading Rabindranath Tagore, Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay and many more. The more I read, the more I gathered knowledge. I can proudly say that this knowledge has enriched my soul. I have learnt to judge anything in a sensible way. Now coming to something which I absolutely enjoy doing from within-‘writing’. The most loved hobby of my life is ‘writing’. And this is main reason behind starting this blog. Honestly, I love to express myself through pen and paper.

Coming to the next thing-‘Travelling’. Now a days I find immense joy in travelling. Roaming arond new places accross my country brighten up my soul. I got to know the huge diversity of my country eversince I started travelling. Not just in case of weather and climate but from food to custom and culture everything has it’s different charm in India. I’ll share my travel experiences with you all through my blog.

I’ll also try to pen down some motivational thoughts. Now a day I’m finding great interest in home decoration also. I love gardening. You can call me a plant mom. In today’s busy schedule everyone should have some very own relaxing time to improve their mental health for a better outcome. And for me these things help me very much. When I spend time watering my baby plants, literally I feel destressed. Or if I keep my eye on any online home decor site; my creative mind start to activate automatically. Overall you can call me ‘little bit of everything’ and my blog posts will be exactly like that.

So that’s it for now. Hope you all will like it.

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